Mar 8, 2011

Design Appreciation

THE BAD DESIGNS ( source:Google images)
This is a bad design as if the person shoots. He or she will be shot.

This is a bad design as the wrapping of individual bananas is wasting the resources.

Design Appreciation


The MacBook Air is good as it is useful as well as it is light.
The iPhone 4 is a good design as well as a good product.

Sketching with rubrics

The sketching rubrics helped me by improving my designs and telling me how to improve.

Mar 7, 2011


Shape borrowing

Shape borrowing is used to create a new design by borrowing the shape and combine it with other objects to build a new design. Shape borrowing is also an ideation technique to “borrow” the form of an existing shape or design to derive further innovation. It requires creativity and innovation to combine the objects. By imagining the out come of the structure, you can piece it up together.


Scamper is used to refine the function and appearance of and idea by, substituting , which is replacing a point of the structure. Combining, which is adding parts together. Adapting which is using the unique features of the original structure to adapt. Modifying, which is making changes to the structure. Putting to other use, which is changing one or more functions of the original structure. Eliminating, which is removing certain unused or useless parts of the product. Rearranging and Reversing, which is Rearranging certain parts of the functions.

Mar 1, 2011

Story Boarding( my answer)

1.What is storyboards?

Storyboards are graphic organizers such as a series of illustrations or images displayed in sequence for the purpose of visualizing how the contents relate to each other.

2.How to create a storyboard?

We can create a storyboard by going to PAGES and find the storyboard template, and it is to write down the key points, ideas and the concepts in the story board frames.

3.When or where is the story board useful?

The story board is useful when getting us to plan and visualize our ideas and to ensure that we do make use of a variety of shots and angles.

Story Boarding( group answer)


Storyboards are graphic organizers such as a series of illustrations and images displayed in sequence like mind maps to plan and visualize how the contents relate to each other.


Use basic shapes , stick figures and simple backgrounds. Draw your story board in pen or pencil. You can take pictures or cut out pictures from magazine. You can also use a computer to make up your story boards on pages and it is to writ down the key points, ideas and concepts in the story board frames.

3.When or where is the story board useful?

The storyboard is useful to pen down ideas and visualize our ideas to ensure that we make use of a variety of shots and angles.

Feb 28, 2011

LED designs

The design is that there are lights outside the bag.
Step 1: Add lights inside too, for it to be easier when searching for stuff at places with not much light.
Step 2: Add a pocket at the side of the bag to find your phone easily with no need to dig into it.

Feb 7, 2011

Good and Bad photos


BAD:The picture is blurred,there is no focus point and there is no simple background.
GOOD:The picture is clear,there is a focus of the picture,there is an appropriate use of flash and a simple background.

GOOD: My own photo

Jan 18, 2011

My first presentation.

My thoughts after reading the feedbacks:

I think that my friends were right about our slides being a little boring as they were all the same colour. For the next project I would change the colours of the slides. I also have to speak louder and not mumble .

Jan 11, 2011

Picture that describes ADMT.

I think that this picture describes ADMT(Art Design Media Technology) the best .
For letter A I used pencils to represent it as I think that pencils were the origins of art.
For letter D I made a design on the top representing Design.
For letter M I drew two stick man at the top representing animation and the television at the bottom representing media.
For letter T I drew the Apple Logo in the middle of the T to represent Technology.