Mar 7, 2011


Shape borrowing

Shape borrowing is used to create a new design by borrowing the shape and combine it with other objects to build a new design. Shape borrowing is also an ideation technique to “borrow” the form of an existing shape or design to derive further innovation. It requires creativity and innovation to combine the objects. By imagining the out come of the structure, you can piece it up together.


Scamper is used to refine the function and appearance of and idea by, substituting , which is replacing a point of the structure. Combining, which is adding parts together. Adapting which is using the unique features of the original structure to adapt. Modifying, which is making changes to the structure. Putting to other use, which is changing one or more functions of the original structure. Eliminating, which is removing certain unused or useless parts of the product. Rearranging and Reversing, which is Rearranging certain parts of the functions.


  1. good job? the explanation is precise and easy to understand.

  2. Good Job! Clear description on Shape borrowing and SCAMPER.